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Learn How to Code

Programming Simplified Program

Want to create, launch, and produce projects? Want to gain coding skills through an innovative way of learning?

Programming Simplified will help you do just that! It is a program designed to help beginner programmers learn the necessary basic skills to start their own career projects!

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Courses in Programming Simplified

Completion: 4 to 12 weeks

Learn at your own pace with professionally recorded lessons. To receive the certificate of completion at the end of a course, you will have to create an independent and personal project!

Start forming your professional coding skills!

Learn the basics of Python and build a foundation in programming that can be applied anywhere! This course contains knowledge on storing and handling data, control flow, error handling, and even version control for your projects

Python 101: The Basics

Discover more about all the information needed for the AP Computer Science exam, and more!

Learn the basics of object-oriented programming with the Java programming language! From computational thinking to recursive sorting algorithms, we've got you covered.

Java 101: The Basics

Create your own websites from scratch!

Learn the basics of TypeScript, React, and Chakra UI to develop websites! Creating your own websites scratch is a useful skill that can help foster creativity, help you understand code, and allow you to start your own personal projects. The course covers VS Code and GitHub for professional settings usage.

Website Development with Next.js

Create your own interactive Discord Bot!

Learn how yo use the latest features exposed by the discord API (slash commands, interactions) with TypeScript and NodeJS. The course teaches the fundamentals of server side code, event listeners, strong typing and more through a fun and popular application of these techniques.

Discord: Bot Development


Why Programming Simplified?

Programming Simplified is here to help you learn, grow and succeed.

Here are some testimonials from students:

I was able to start making my own website with just React and Chakra UI. I'm so happy with the result.

Devin S.

Website Development Student

I've learned so much from this course! I'm so excited to continue learning!

Kaylee A.

Python 101 Student

I'm so glad I found Programming Simplified. It's a great place to learn.

Daniyal S.

Java 101 Student

I was able to get started with web development with zero prior knowledge on the subject!

Ally H.

Website Development Student

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