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Executive Profiles

staff member

Ethan Hsu

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & President

staff member

Lauren Hsieh

Secretary & Chief of Staff

staff member

Rohit Choudhary

Senior Vice President of Academics (SVPA)

staff member

Aarush Goradia

President of Student Advancement (PSA)

staff member

Param Patil

Chief Advancements Officer (CAO)

staff member

Harry Chow

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

staff member

Jason Mei

SVP of Information Technology

staff member

Diana Zheng


Board of Directors



Nathanael MaLead Director
Ethan HsuDirector & CEO
Madison LiDirector
Harry ChowDirector
Lauren HsiehDirector & Secretary
Diana ZhengDirector & Treasurer
Rohit ChoudharyDirector
Atsi GuptaDirector
Isaias VilatoDirector


Jason Mei

Ethan Hsu

Ethan Wu

Nathanael Ma

Governance Documents


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